Random Tales of Total Geekery

Me !

A technophile, lover of books, music & computer games, a search genie. Uncoder. Web Administrator, Applications & otherwise Manager. Qualified as a mechanical engineer and an MBA. Scrounge the murky depths of the web sometimes, for finding out stuff. Write, blog, speak, express. Have a humungous number of books and music stashed away from forages on the internet. The blog is to give back. And hopefully write some interesting shit.

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8 Responses to “Me !”

  1. Your Koshur voh-vohs had me falling off the chair! Delightful.

  2. arpita said

    “interesting shit” -an interesting phase.

  3. Swati said

    Hey MR Q.. Where and how are you and what’s up?

  4. Neeharika Raina said

    This isnt the kind of blog I love reading, yet keep coming back for its quirky undercurrents and uncharted issues. Keep blogging 🙂

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