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Most Heard Sounds of 2009

Posted by Q on December 25, 2009

And so it begins again, a top 5+ list of albums I heard in 2009. Please note that most would classify as indie efforts or breakthrough artists yet to achieve mainstream success. I mean there are just so many freakin’ reruns of Pink Floyd that one can hear. (Edit. – quite a lot actually, you moron. You even play it on the guitar for crying out loud*)

Anyway, away from these pesky editors and their penchant for penny-counting newsprint,

5. Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002)

Putting the scream back in the cream that is your brain after one session with the crashing cymbals of this monstrous concoction of sound and science-fiction. (Wow, that was so gonzo, eh?)


Who Can This Replace In Your Playlist ™ = That empty space in your black heart where your crush for Ian Banks/Neal Asher lies




4. The Hold Steady – Boys and Girls in America (2006)

I haven’t heard their 2008 effort Stay Positive, but if it’s anything like B&GiA, it’ll be akin to going to a nightclub, swilling a ton of booze, snorting coke, passing out, passing in and finally crashing the dance floor, in between making out with the bouncers. Their music has the same kind of drugged frenzy that is mostly seen in certain species of African tree-climbing monkeys when confronted with lonelycat18 in the comfortable environs and loose morals of urban America. While they’re in heat++. You know. Just saying

Who Can This Replace In Your Playlist ™ = Hey! Which part of cat-monkey make-out did you not understand? This band will blow your socks off (Edit.-especially if you’re a cat)




3. The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound (2008)

Take Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss, rip out the Eddie Vedder guts inside, and put in some Springsteen vocals, run it through the faux E-street sound system and put in more popular media references than all the editors of Wikipedia at one place and you get the concoction that is at the heart of the ’59 sound. And then you wish that maybe those morons could have asked Springsteen to front this song for them. And then you realize that they’ve done just that. In Hyde Park. At London. (Them effing blimey limeys). And then you basically watch that YouTube clip forever

Who Can This Replace In Your Playlist ™ = Springsteen? Get real dude! All ’em clones wait for The Boss Strikes Back Album© Till then (looks furtively around), it’s a pretty good experience. But definitely beats the crap outta Pearl Jam




2. The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema (2005)

Okie, so here’s a well kept secret from y’all from the world of sex, drugs, Rock ‘n Roll R Us. If you’ve ever grooved out to Beyonce’s eay la eay la…do me a favor and stop reading this blow. Like right now!

If you’re still there, do yourself a favor and put on the Bleeding Heart Show. Hear that drum timing. (Again…you did not the last time) and the strains of eay-la, eay-la. Now go dump that Beyonce CD. That’s a good boy!

More than anything, Twin Cinema shows why drummers are there on rock bands. I mean apart from scoring the groupies. And you know. Other stuff. The drumming throughout the album is insane. Like I wanna jump into a moving truck insane. Like I wanna high-dive insane (Caution: Children, do not attempt). Like lemme buy this freakin’ $1000 Rickenbacker insane.

Who Can This Replace In Your Playlist ™ = Think the Doors with the intensity of Deep Purple



1. Joni Mitchell – Blue (1971)

Blast from the past. Like a really old blast. It’s not so much a blast as a sensory experience. Like someone stringed you in 6 strings and is twanging one chord after the other. Like the twangs are somehow coming from within and not without…like…WTF! I am rambling

Ok. (deep breath) Have will, will write. Now then, Joni Mitchell’s Blue is a Classic, any idiot reading NME will tell you that. What that idiot will not tell you is that unlike other hacks who simply attach classic to every second album out there, this one’s like a grand-daddy of classic. It’s this blog’s version of awesome. It’s from the left field, lefter than that point on the compass; it comes out of nowhere and sucker-punches your belly full of crap from all the love songs of the yore. Gotta stand up a different man, I tell ya!

Who Can This Replace In Your Playlist ™ = It’s pwn the fuck outta your Johnny Denvers’, Bryan Adams’, Boy Band-girl Band dynamic



And so, we are at yet another blog post™. Wow! 3 in three. We’ll call this ongoing effort the 10 for ’10 series. Onwards, young padawan!


+ I am going out on a limb here with a top 5 list. Am not sure if I can even name 5 new albums I heard this year at all. Unless you include Rock On! ~sindbad the sailor…yeah yeah yeah~

*Henceforth referred to as FCOL (pronounced fuck-all. Not that it means anything; I just love the rhyming on this one)

++ Don’t believe me, huh? Check out this monkey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUzLa_khi5s


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Posted by Q on December 14, 2009

Legend has it that playin’ the Blues  needs some serious satanist mojo!

that being so, where do i sign up? 😀

On a related note, time to get these much-neglected bunch of blogs off the deadpool. Thinking of doing some decade retrospectives. the SFF ones will be over at the PhotonsWithCharacter blog.Keeping my fingers crossed for that

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The Boy Least Likely To

Posted by Q on April 4, 2009

As much fun as pelting Susie Derkins with Water Balloons

Candy Pop...Ur doin it right

Via Pitchfork

Sounds like a lot of bright colors thrown about with abandon! Go ahead & listen!

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Devil in the details, ebooks in India..publishers, wakey wakey!!

Posted by Q on February 2, 2009

Top 15 Fiction Bestsellers for upto Oct 2008  in India – take a look


1. Solve Your Problems The Birbal Way  – Anita S R {2005}
2. 3 Mistakes Of My Life – Chetan Bhagat {2008}
3. One Night @ The Call Center  – Chetan Bhagat {2005}
4. Five Point Someone – Chetan Bhagat {2004}
5. Inheritance 3: Brisingr  – Christopher Paolini {2008}
6. Story Of My Experiments With Truth – Gandhi M K {forever}
7. A Prisoner Of Birth  – Jeffrey Archer {2008}
8. Kite Runner  – Khaled Hosseini {2003}
9. Creation Of Wealth  – Lala R M {2006}
10. Wordpower Made Easy  – Norman Lewis {forever}
11. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho {1993}
12. Brida  – Paulo Coelho {1990}
13. Secret – Rhonda Byrne {2006}
14. Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin S Sharma {2003}
15. The Greatness Guide 2  – Robin S Sharma {2002}

Any name in that list that you havent been seeing for ages. Now, compare that with the NYT lot…

Top 5 at a Glance

1. MURDER GAME, by Christine Feehan
2. THE APPEAL, by John Grisham
3. THE PAGAN STONE, by Nora Roberts
4. GLITTER BABY, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
5. MARRIED IN SEATTLE, by Debbie Macomber

Top 5 at a Glance

1. SUZE ORMAN’S 2009 ACTION PLAN, by Suze Orman
2. TWILIGHT, by Mark Cotta Vaz
3. THE LOVE DARE, by Stephen and Alex Kendrick with Lawrence Kimbrough
4. SKINNY BITCH, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
5. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING, by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel

Top 5 at a Glance

1. MARLEY & ME, by John Grogan
2. DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, by Barack Obama
3. THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, by Barack Obama
4. THREE CUPS OF TEA, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
5. TEAM OF RIVALS, by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Clearly, there is a huge sync gap between what we read in India compared to what is being read in an English country. Barring a few major ups and downs, I don’t see this list changing drastically for any other country apart from US. Which is really weird because in all places where English is not native, you’d expect ethnic literature selling; which does not seem to be happening in India either. We seem to have been caught in some sort of time bubble as far as new book releases are concerned
Maybe we are less willing to spend that much amount of money on an activity as frivolous as fiction reading. As the table clearly shows, we tend to buy things that are cheaper and known VFM {Value for Moneys}. I’d hate to be a newly published author here. Here’s the pricing table

1. Solve Your Problems The Birbal Way  – Anita S R –> INR 80
2. 3 Mistakes Of My Life – Chetan Bhagat –> INR 95
3. One Night @ The Call Center  – Chetan Bhagat –> INR 95
4. Five Point Someone – Chetan Bhagat –> INR 95
5. Inheritance 3: Brisingr  – Christopher Paolini –> INR 600
6. Story Of My Experiments With Truth – Gandhi M K –> INR 30
7. A Prisoner Of Birth  – Jeffrey Archer –> INR 180
8. Kite Runner  – Khaled Hosseini –> INR 300
9. Creation Of Wealth  – Lala R M –> INR 295
10. Wordpower Made Easy  – Norman Lewis –> INR 95
11. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho –> INR 195
12. Brida  – Paulo Coelho –> INR 295
13. Secret – Rhonda Byrne –> INR 550
14. Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin S Sharma –> INR 185
15. The Greatness Guide 2  – Robin S Sharma –> INR 185

Note: 50 INR= 1 USD

Well, I suppose book publishers do have a business case for churning out reprints after reprints of back catalog instead of putting out newer authors. Which means that for a reader like me, who unlike the rest of the countrymen is abreast of what is happening around the world, has only one way of getting hold of a Pat Rothfuss or a Joe Abercrombie – and that’s ebooks. Sadly, no marketing/BTL push has been happening on the book front here. It still is very much a second-hand/pirate market than anything else. And we ALL know how many titles are available as ebooks 😛 So, if I say I’ve read all of Scott Lynch’s/Tobias Buckell books, you know where I got them from.

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iPhone & The Art Of Selling Touch-screen Phones

Posted by Q on September 30, 2008

This post has got nothing to do with the iPhone; 3G or otherwise

Sometime back, when i was still an B-schooler unschooled in the art of marketing, i had made a few video ads for a competition @ IIM Kozhikode. Our presentation was on Touch-screen mobile phones & i remember we got ripped apart by the judges because they perceived touch-screen technology to be a distant futuristic invention & we weren’t to sully the good ol’ name of the art of snake-oil selling. Now, that the iPhone has seen the light of the day even amongst cave-dwellers, i hope those good folks are living on a steady diet of humble pie. Here ends the obscure iPhone reference.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the license to use music from Enya’s Watermark, Gladiator OST & Enigma’s Greatest Hits Disc compilations. I just hope that they dont mind 😉

The videos are courtesy Getty Images

From An Advertising perspective, i guess the copy-work is pretty bad; but hey, these were my first vid (and last till now 😦 ) vid edits

a) Theme – Doctor & Baby

b) Theme – Redemption

c) Theme – Sensual

Note: Here’s the CC License

Creative Commons License
Touchscreen Ads by Q is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at dotstuff.wordpress.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://dotstuff.wordpress.com.

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Darbadar kya chuh gomutz: A repository of delightful koshur woh-woh’s for all occasions

Posted by Q on November 10, 2007

After 25 years of research, I’ve reached the inescapable conclusion that Kashmiris are one damn fine abusive race. Don’t believe it? Just watch out for any Kashmiri parent going hell after leather for their kyaz-chukh-na-paraan offspring who are all naturally adczots. the only reason they don’t get hauled up by Red Cross is that are damn funny at it! Imagine trying to portray nang mot as an irredeemable loss of childhood innocence, eh ? Since, i am the prototype beem ruudiuyo na kansi hund cze types, here’s to the crafty buggers and their collection of delightful pieces of linguistic ding-a-lings that are thrown at the thick skins of their own koshur kids

Now, there are just 4 main types of woh-wohs:

  1. Those dealing with character assassination
  2. Falling objects leading to loss of face
  3. Associating with misery/penurious conditions
  4. And just irritating kids sticking it in your nose types.

In no order, here are the examples.

Now, most mothers start off after their irritating kids with the more wailing ones like :

  • hata goi kya (what now?)
  • (kol) Darbadar chuk gomut/ darbadar kya chekh gamach (wanderer! desultory time-waster)
  • khar (moron)
  • ponz (monkey)
  • mot/nang-mot/khin-mot/gus-mot (not sure actually, its often a term of endearment too… but how can a gus-mot be lovable, beats me!)

If the kid however, is as recalcitrant as ever, they escalate to..

  • adchot/adczot (idiot)
  • beem roduyo na kansi hund che (not afraid of the old man anymore)
  • manchawan kat/mandchhavn kot [embarrassing goat! man! they bring goats (kats) in every conv.]
  • matzar chu aamut/tulmut (making everyone miserable)
  • tasrup chui (not sure..is there an english translation ?)

Now, this is strictly for smaller fry. As the kid becomes bigger and meaner, his future and career are thrown open to everyone:

  • Hangul hue chuk gomut (like someone big, mean and slow)
  • Kol hakhuraa hyu goam agaaid (same)
  • Kol mushraan hyu (something these Mssrs. Hangul, Hakhur & Mushran must have done in their lives to be such eternal examples of wasted youth)
  • kol brehasnatt/yahay chuk brahis natta hue gomut (bird brain! this brahis natta would’ve been quite a guy)
  • mein chuk kal phatravavaan (drives me nuts)
  • matczar chu tulawaan (drives me nuts again..just more colorful and attuned to a cribbing tone)
  • monjj chuk thippaan (very funny! dunno what it means though..but damn funny)
  • raatmogul (night crawler)
  • Vaeraan gomut (have become a wild ass)

Now, misery is a very powerful force in kashmiri folklore. Neighbors are frequently described as follows:

  • temis payee treth (heaven’s fall on him)
  • fakeer kott (son of a poor gun)
  • zar chu gomut yemis (something’s gone inside him…darker than saying mandalas manzh chu kyum chyamuth)

If these don’t work, often character assassinations are invoked:

  • shikas/shikaslad/shikaslada etc (bastard?)
  • taavan paye temis (heaven’s furies be upon him…in a more vengeful tone)
  • taawanzad (bastard again?)
  • hai cze tapael/tapail (curse you, you idiot)

Ancient Gaul was afraid of falling sky, Alexander was afraid of falling sick, fall is a season which brings forth most allergies in US….notice anything common? ha! koshur kats knew the secret of the deadly curse of falling things, esp. body parts. Useful thing to have in your arsenal too. sample the following:

  • pyayi buth vasith (may your face fall down)
  • pyayi nas wasit (may your nose fall down)
  • kaangar payee (may your kaangar, the coal-fired heater inside your phiran, fall down. Don’t ask me, whats supposed to happen next )
  • pyoi kal gandur wassit (hehe..something funny falling down)
  • tse peyi gardan wasith (may your neck fall down…eh? how??)
  • paiya kal vasith (face falling again)
  • pyayi kalhir vasith (more colorful way of face falling)

it’s hilarious..english translations are such a hoot! Anyway, ever since i’ve deciphered these deadly curses, my language skills have actually improved 😉

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