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1000 hours to Guitar Hiro!

Posted by Q on December 29, 2009

Wise man say, if ya gotta play the blues, play it electric

Wise man is right of course. Wise man is also a mean S.O.B

I am yet to come across an instrument more unforgiving than an electric at full throttle. Amped up, this is the single toughest muscle memory workout ever. If you get it right though, nothing beats the sweet drag of a bend-tap-vibrato

An acoustic on the other hand, makes you sound good, is more forgiving on technique errors and is generally easier to lug around, on account of being about umm a couple of kilos lighter 😛 the big mistake which almost everyone does is to go for a 22 fret full length acoustic. A 3/4ths is just as good. Infact better for the shoulder, easier to lug around and hell, even sounds better. I had chanced upon some Taylors at a mall in Bangkok; blow me away! Great thing for strums.

On the other hand, playing too much acoustic makes you a lazy player. That Bb note sounds just the same whether you accidentally mute the A or not. On the electric, it is the difference between…umm Layla and lynching.

Which one to play?

I guess everyone tries their hand at an acoustic first. The 2% of those who successfully struggle through the necessary atonal strumming for the next 4 weeks, then basically figure out what they’d like to play. And then they buy the electric.

On the other hand, people snap up a guitar hero plastic button mash guitar and are shredding away to glory in about umm 2 minutes flat 😉 So, it is a tough world filled with choices

In my view, which is pretty much the only thing here, an electric is like that girl who wouldn’t even look at you, the one-in-a-million shot; the acoustic is that cute girl next door, who likes you, but you gotta work for her and the Guitar hero plastic-plex is that tramp you see down the street. Sure you can make White Wedding your bitch in about 5 minutes, but is it really?

Real men game only on a PC. The rest are wimps 😀


2 Responses to “1000 hours to Guitar Hiro!”

  1. jawmunji said

    Ha, next you’ll be telling me I need to use a flatpick as well 😉 I dunno, this whole sequential machine only playing one note at a time each one after each one…I’m thinking expanding yer brain out to a parallel machine, two, three, even four notes played at the same time with your fingers!

    It’s kinda antisocial though; you *need* other players, otherwise, well, it just sounds like lots of notes played after each other; whereas the fingerstylists can pull off a whole tune by themselves…it is a bit control freak though, “nah, I don’t need your help, I can manage just fine by myself ;)”

  2. Only you, huh? I’m glad the accident wasn’t any worse. I’m guessing you still have the scar behind your ear…not that that was really your fault. Of Click http://tu2s.in/pookme100830

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