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The incredible time sink known as Armored Princess

Posted by Q on December 26, 2009

King’s Bounty: Armored Princess (henceforth KB:AP) is the kind of game that gamers (RPGers esp.) liken to Farmville on roids. Not that we’re discussing that 32-bit monstrosity here (just so that we’re clear, I do not condone playing farmville, fafville, fishville… whatever. Anyone Caught doing that shall be banished to the legions of snickety kids dual-tapping their way through Petmaster XVII on their Nintendo DSi’s). Anyway, back to our topic.

I’ve been playing KB:AP for about close to 15 hours now. Here’s what hardcore gamers would do if I showed them a screenshot like this





I will still persevere. Maybe cause I am a sucker for wasting away my time. Or maybe ’cause games need not be all about me all alone, a box of ammo shells by my side and plenty of cover.


3 Responses to “The incredible time sink known as Armored Princess”

  1. I have become almost as addicted to Fishville as I was with Farmville! Theres something particularly calming about watching my Fishville empire grow. I wonder how long this craze will continue for though? What will be the next big thing to come along after Fishville, any ideas?

  2. DPirate said

    The Sims…. again.

  3. DPirate said

    Damn, I thought that was a real comment. Those fuckers!

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