Random Tales of Total Geekery

The Boy Least Likely To

Posted by Q on April 4, 2009

As much fun as pelting Susie Derkins with Water Balloons

Candy Pop...Ur doin it right

Via Pitchfork

Sounds like a lot of bright colors thrown about with abandon! Go ahead & listen!


3 Responses to “The Boy Least Likely To”

  1. Swati said

    Q!!! there is no chat option here 🙂

    How’s you doing??

  2. Swati said

    Oye.. time to reply, dont you think??

  3. Swati said

    Married life’s good.. have you ever heard a girl complaining about it? ;-).. What’s up with you? Where and how are you?

    And yup.. i am too lazy to give up on blogdrive 😛

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