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Getting back @ the man

Posted by Q on September 30, 2008

https://i1.wp.com/www.comtech-networking.com/images/Administrator.jpgi detest my sysadmin. Or, to put it more accurately, i think their IT policy is moronic

lemme list out the weirdo rules:

  1. No Admin Rights
  2. Scheduled AV scans; daily, weekly, monthly
  3. No USB access
  4. This is all ofcourse, on top of outdated hardware; pis-poor RAM power

In the often meandering & confused fight against piracy; these guys have the typical buried-head-in-the-sands routine…lets shut everything down, no sysadmin rights to users, no new software, no piracy blah blah blah.

What does it matter that Xobni is revolutionizing the way we(I) use Outlook, Evernote is making my notes seamless between machines, Dmailer sync is eliminating 3.5 kgs of Laptop lugging everyday…Feed Demon, Google Talk, WinRAR; are all what i NEED!

So, anyway. here’s the guide to a more powered existence. Death to syadmin rules!

a) Power-Up from user to admin

Download this Zip File (Link). Burn CD. Follow instructions. You’re set

USB Access is ofcourse granted the minute you get admin rights

b) Delete scheduled Admin scans on Symantec AV


Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>INTEL>LANDesk>VirusProtect6>CurrentVersion>LocalScans>

Delete all “ClientServerScheduledScan” folders

Anybody else has a solved/unsolved grouse, do write in!

P.S.>No Torrent/P2P/mIRC How-To’s to be posted

P.S.2>psst, use Usenet 😉


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