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Darbadar kya chuh gomutz: A repository of delightful koshur woh-woh’s for all occasions

Posted by Q on November 10, 2007

After 25 years of research, I’ve reached the inescapable conclusion that Kashmiris are one damn fine abusive race. Don’t believe it? Just watch out for any Kashmiri parent going hell after leather for their kyaz-chukh-na-paraan offspring who are all naturally adczots. the only reason they don’t get hauled up by Red Cross is that are damn funny at it! Imagine trying to portray nang mot as an irredeemable loss of childhood innocence, eh ? Since, i am the prototype beem ruudiuyo na kansi hund cze types, here’s to the crafty buggers and their collection of delightful pieces of linguistic ding-a-lings that are thrown at the thick skins of their own koshur kids

Now, there are just 4 main types of woh-wohs:

  1. Those dealing with character assassination
  2. Falling objects leading to loss of face
  3. Associating with misery/penurious conditions
  4. And just irritating kids sticking it in your nose types.

In no order, here are the examples.

Now, most mothers start off after their irritating kids with the more wailing ones like :

  • hata goi kya (what now?)
  • (kol) Darbadar chuk gomut/ darbadar kya chekh gamach (wanderer! desultory time-waster)
  • khar (moron)
  • ponz (monkey)
  • mot/nang-mot/khin-mot/gus-mot (not sure actually, its often a term of endearment too… but how can a gus-mot be lovable, beats me!)

If the kid however, is as recalcitrant as ever, they escalate to..

  • adchot/adczot (idiot)
  • beem roduyo na kansi hund che (not afraid of the old man anymore)
  • manchawan kat/mandchhavn kot [embarrassing goat! man! they bring goats (kats) in every conv.]
  • matzar chu aamut/tulmut (making everyone miserable)
  • tasrup chui (not sure..is there an english translation ?)

Now, this is strictly for smaller fry. As the kid becomes bigger and meaner, his future and career are thrown open to everyone:

  • Hangul hue chuk gomut (like someone big, mean and slow)
  • Kol hakhuraa hyu goam agaaid (same)
  • Kol mushraan hyu (something these Mssrs. Hangul, Hakhur & Mushran must have done in their lives to be such eternal examples of wasted youth)
  • kol brehasnatt/yahay chuk brahis natta hue gomut (bird brain! this brahis natta would’ve been quite a guy)
  • mein chuk kal phatravavaan (drives me nuts)
  • matczar chu tulawaan (drives me nuts again..just more colorful and attuned to a cribbing tone)
  • monjj chuk thippaan (very funny! dunno what it means though..but damn funny)
  • raatmogul (night crawler)
  • Vaeraan gomut (have become a wild ass)

Now, misery is a very powerful force in kashmiri folklore. Neighbors are frequently described as follows:

  • temis payee treth (heaven’s fall on him)
  • fakeer kott (son of a poor gun)
  • zar chu gomut yemis (something’s gone inside him…darker than saying mandalas manzh chu kyum chyamuth)

If these don’t work, often character assassinations are invoked:

  • shikas/shikaslad/shikaslada etc (bastard?)
  • taavan paye temis (heaven’s furies be upon him…in a more vengeful tone)
  • taawanzad (bastard again?)
  • hai cze tapael/tapail (curse you, you idiot)

Ancient Gaul was afraid of falling sky, Alexander was afraid of falling sick, fall is a season which brings forth most allergies in US….notice anything common? ha! koshur kats knew the secret of the deadly curse of falling things, esp. body parts. Useful thing to have in your arsenal too. sample the following:

  • pyayi buth vasith (may your face fall down)
  • pyayi nas wasit (may your nose fall down)
  • kaangar payee (may your kaangar, the coal-fired heater inside your phiran, fall down. Don’t ask me, whats supposed to happen next )
  • pyoi kal gandur wassit (hehe..something funny falling down)
  • tse peyi gardan wasith (may your neck fall down…eh? how??)
  • paiya kal vasith (face falling again)
  • pyayi kalhir vasith (more colorful way of face falling)

it’s hilarious..english translations are such a hoot! Anyway, ever since i’ve deciphered these deadly curses, my language skills have actually improved 😉


10 Responses to “Darbadar kya chuh gomutz: A repository of delightful koshur woh-woh’s for all occasions”

  1. Mateen said

    Nice website. . . ..
    However i thght u wld consider these ones . . . .

    Dalae Dawoos . . .

  2. Saqib said

    aMAzing find,

  3. Aalok Aima said

    You too are obviously a Kashmiri and it is great to see an interest being taken in the lighter side of our language. What better than through the pictures painted by our curses and abuses.

    Some of the transliterations are incorrect but that hardly matters.

    Great job.

  4. Meenakshi said

    totally loved these – what a gr8 idea to have put them together. my childhood memories were refreshed! thank you.
    p.s. – pl include the family of ‘zaharbad…’s too, missed them 🙂

  5. contentious said

    how about :

    trath paye
    vodru tulut
    tapalya loguk
    mazhar vothi
    sutki loguk
    talyun zoltham
    prah goyi

    loved reading them aloud to myself…kindo forgotton them. Thanks! 🙂

  6. pooja said

    what does zahardapad means

  7. What a post. Its awesome and had me rolling over the floor.. I must say that I have been addressed with all the delightful words you have listed above. Good work mate!!!

  8. Neeharika Raina said

    Hilarous ! rofl.. missing my grandma who would have said ‘git gyasi assan assan’.

  9. shampy said

    what is the meaning of “kossay trath hey payam”? used to listen it in kashmir from d kashmiri ladies long time back…

  10. Vinod Kaul said

    Hilarous!What a post.It is awesome.

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