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A Conquest Walkthrough for Civilization IV

Posted by Q on October 2, 2007

Civ IVOkie this post clarifies two three things –

a) Civilization IV (Civ IV) is the greatest PC strategy game ever…or, till Civ Revolutions hits the stores 😉

b) Civ IV fanatics forum is better than my weight in gold for info on strategy to play this game

c) (Edit) This guide works till Monarch level, eagerly awaiting to try on Immortal & Deity levels

Now this walkthrough assumes that you are sick and tired of being rated as Dan Quayle, Ethelred the Unready or Warren Harding in most of your peacenik tech-leadership based games (max level would be Noble, if you are lucky) and want to smash a few mental and game-imposed barriers!

So first, take a proper world to showcase your first battle and earn your spurs – Tiny Pangea with Sea Level at High. (the high sea-level makes less land available for all and sundry and hence a much tenser fight)

Second, choice of Civ – Any Aggressive Civ would do, as long as you remember that this game is not about commerce, religion or diplomacy. Whoever would bring a sword to a gunfight would hear appropriate music, obviously 😉 (Though most of the times, it’s actually bringing an archer to a swordfight) Even in aggressive Civs, I favor Julius Caeser ’cause of just one reason – That Praetorian is good for like…forever – till beginning of game to its end-by time (unless you play like a d00fus and end up fighting Riflemen with it)

Third, choice of enemy Civs – If you wanna have a relatively easy time, get Gandhi, Washington & other peace-loving expansive/industrious morons from outer space. These guys would be so far ahead of you in tech, but would have an Axeman & an Archer to fight your mean Praetorian Dirty Dozen. If you want to spice things up, get Isabella (ah! The prettiest woman in Civ IV) or Alexander – totally unreliable aggressive Civs who will try to stab you in the back even though you are their Blood brothers who share their faith.

Fourth – what? Lets get started on our pwnage 😀

Now in-game strategy – Game Speed (normal)

#1 Establish Rome. See, if there is a 3F tile near 1 movement of Settler. If you settle on that tile, worker gets created on the 12th turn rather than on the 15th.

#2 Tech Tree research – Bronze Working>The Wheel |(16 turns)| >

Agriculture (for building up cities)>Metal Casting >

Masonry (in the off-chance that you have Stone/Marble nearby)>Animal Husbandry>Pottery

Now, we get a choice, if the scores indicate that you’re still on top, go for Mysticism(6)>Polytheism(12)>Priesthood(12) to get Oracle and free tech (Code of Laws/Metal Casting). But even otherwise, it’s easy to win, so never worry. Go for Writing>Alphabet and start your technology trade to fill up your non-researched techs.

#3 Production Order (Rome) – W>S>W>B>P>P>P>P>P>P

#4 New Cities – Chop forests. Without discrimination, chop/steal-chop everything you can. Each forest chop would yield 25-30 hammers (pre-mathematics era). Chop Worker 2, chop settler & chop barracks. Wait for Praetorians though. Let the city grow. Also initially, cities need more food to grow rather than hammers from nearby hills. Around Rome, create a forest of farms in the fat cross, till the population increases every 4 turns. New cities can be located on top of special resources, but location also probably depends more on map than any flat rule of thumb. Create road between cities ASAP.

#5 Production Order (Antium et al) – B>W>A>A>A>A (Axemen for a change 😉 they make good defensive units)

#6 Automate workers around 800 BC; keep a couple of them free for chopping requirements.

#7 Create your first army of Praetorians and attack nearest City(s), preferably the aggressive Civs rather than Civs up in the points ladder make more sense to attack. Raze towns, unless you seem to be getting some strategic advantage from it

#8 Try to destroy your first enemy Civilization before 1 AD. Gives a better psychological boost and more importantly, paves way for atleast a triple-promoted (10+ Exp points) unit (which is important for a heroic epic)

#9 Tech Tree Research – Mathematics (trade)>Construction (for War Elephants & Catapults)

Alphabet>Literature (Heroic Epic, +100% prod rate for Mil Units)

Code of Laws>Civil Service (For Macemen which are for your final enemies, circa 1000 AD)

Machinery>Guilds>Gunpowder (for an unlikely endgame where you have to use riflemen to clean up your mess)

#10 Make your stack o’ doom and go killing. Destroy a Civ in phases – Kill 2 cities – hold – recover – Peace – Kill again (repeat till Civ rolls over its back). ‘Course, always keep a lookout for game maths and chances of success. In all your battles, the game probability score might be wrong about 4 % of the time (if the difference is less than 1 between the attacker & defender and less than once in a while if the difference is greater than 1)

And you should be done! Any halfway decent AI can never make you sweat over this esp on smaller maps. On larger maps, you just have to hold out till you’ve built the West Point and/r built/conquered the Pyramid/Pyramid-making Civ. The important thing to realize here is that this game is really short, you haven’t really made a GP-farm (great person) and you haven’t divided your cities into Commerce/Science cities, but it would still hold good for Domination/Conquest victories. And as any halfway enthusiastic Civ player knows, winning in style in CIv IV beats anything else.

The author wishes all budding CIv IV players a happy ending 😉 with Augustus Caesar for company 😉 😉



13 Responses to “A Conquest Walkthrough for Civilization IV”

  1. Jas said

    😮 From where do u get the time to play video game?!! 😮
    and look at the kinda books u read! never ever heard of them!

  2. Q said

    that’s all the weekends of August & Spetember put to optimum use 😀 and these ebooks are pretty famous man :p though only in the SF community 😉

  3. Jas said

    abt my free time – well if i can mk that xls that i sent, dnt u still get n idea how free m i 😉

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  5. ABJ said


    Using Julius i won 5 times in standard map with emperor epic difficulty. For standard and above size with those monarch and higher difficulties i beleive this is worst trick as it won’t explore usefulness of other aspects of game which are must say edge in Tech,gold,culture,great people,wonders all is must….

    But why needed ? i totally agree with author in selecting julius, declaring wars etc. But at higher levels wars can’t be
    won in few turns because of happiness and growth and number of civs.6 civs in standard size! damn difficult to raze all. but possible to achive conquest victory.

    so i want to slightly modify some concept.
    =decalre war on neighbor, capture two cities,(note: declare war on first meeting with two agg. civ if u possibly met. as this changes AI tecticts from growth to militry building and eventually score downs to equal yours and later u can go up with capturing cities with prietorians. make peace hold for 10-12(epic time) odd turns, declare war on another with horse(for pillaging as you require gold because u captured cities) and pritorians, again make peace build some wonders, after 20-25 turn declare war with catapult, don’t worry abt tech u can demand from rival for making peace and peace lovers like muna mussa, Gandhi give you all for peace, and go on similerly till infantry. At this time only 1 rival should have militry level like u. AFTER FLIGHT(bomber) IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN CONQUEST WITH TWO RIVALS because they are going to share tech among them and soon it cahnges from furious to annoyed stat eventually END the chance of winning a game even!

    =culture should be high so build 3-4 wonders before industrial era.
    because that helps to keep furious level among all. U SHOULD REMAIN DICTATOR OVER COURSE OF THE GAME.(specially build militry based wonders as mention by author )

    = Don’t raze cities without reasons as they are backbone of research

    =Change civics as reqiured from growth in peace to happiness and experience in wars.

    =eliminate rivals gradually, not one by one. use culture slider at some time too. so u can ask for tribute of more than 3000 from one(equal to special ability of great merchant)

    =concentrate on great persons in peace.
    =don’t fight for more than 20 turns after renaissance era as it is useless and shows inability of your units to capture atleast 2 cities.
    =prepare to capture 5+7+7+8+8+10-10=35 odd cities and build 3-4 cities!!!

  6. AAryan said

    When you talk about strategy games, you forgot to mention RON & AOE … I agree Civi-IV is great but in Step based Strategy games only

  7. Q said


    RON/C&C/AoE is for all you RTS nuts. I am a strategy game fan from D&D days; if it’s not turn-based, its not strategy 😉

  8. AAryan said

    how come? AOE / RON does not qualify as strategy games?

    What’s your exact definition of strategy games anyway?

  9. Q said

    lol, what i meant was ..”if it’s not turn-based, its not strategy” for me. I thought the last bit was obvious 😉

    On why i think so, well RTS games are just micro-managed RPGs. the reason is that the speed of action is just as important as the intent of the action, which is not what i like (plus, i am not that great at it either ;-)) The thing with a game like CivIV is the sheer amount of planning that you’ve to do before you even start the game. Read the walkthrough a bit, you’d find that for me to even goto war with another Civ requires a ton of work beforehand. That’s something i love !!

  10. itelliopy said

    Tahnks for posting

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