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the ebook revolution

Posted by Q on May 31, 2007

..yeah, the same one that’s been coming for so long, but not quite arriving all the same.

Traditionally, ebooks have a lot going against them. Bookworms & readers tend to be a conventional lot. The printed book industry has an insidious agenda of minting fresh pine-smelling books which befuddle the brain and makes it addicted. Plus, there is that whole curling-with-a-good-book notion. Personally, i dunno anyone who does that and does not have back pain. And then, there is this whole subsidiary industry of dried roses and misc nice smelly flowers which subsists within the pages of a good old fashioned book.

But, the single biggest reason why we do not have a surge for ebooks, is that no geek ever made a napster or a kazaa for ebooks. Yeah, conventional p2p/torrent/edonkey networks do carry a lot of good stuff, but you’d rarely find the newest bestseller released on a network as you’d probably find a movie or a music album. And that’s just because scanning & proofing a book takes a hell of a time compared to ripping a CD or DVD. Plus, the whole process is manual. Hence, you do not have as many ebook release groups as you have warez groups.

So, here is a convenience guide on the road to become an ebook devouring monstah’. the only thing you need is an appetite for destruction (& Guns n’ Roses, ofcourse).

First, the search. Unlike the times bygone, where intrepid explorers and googling experts like me had to trawl through many a virtual sever, drudging through mindless chit-chat and sometimes foreign languages to get the directory of the choicest delicacies, the ebook searching principle these days is ridiculously easy.

First up, lets assume you are a Ground Zero internet user and you love Jeffrey Archer (which a depressingly high number of people i’ve known are). All you need to key in is “Jeffrey Archer ebook Rapidshare“. You can change the last part of the string to megaupload, depositfiles, filefactory etc in case you wanna get some other stuff.

Going  up from zero, lets assume you know a fair bit about the internet and wish to find out some more avenues for finding out stuff. Let’s say, you love comics and the rapidshare (or any other file deposit site) just doesnt work out for you (long waiting times, banned by the admin or whatever). So, now you ‘re trying to find good stuff, the index search way. All you do is key in  something like  “parent directory” cbr OR cbz “Comics” -html -htm -download -links and voila! you have a directory ready to rip ! 

Ofcourse, a smarter surfer would realise that putting in a bit more of filters might narrow down the search to even more relevant web-pages. The most common one which is use is “-xxx”, “-porn”, “-torrent” etc. An even smarter surfer would realise that changing the extensions to a more desirable one. like say..avi, would give him/her some more coveted stuff 😉 provided  he/she has the bandwidth for d/l’ing it.

Directory search, however exciting would never lead to anything on a sustained basis, unless you are a fiendishly intelligent folk like me. So, lets go on up on the ladder of knowledge and get into IRC, or to be more specific mIRC. these internet chat programmes provide the perfect setting for getting books on your desktop on a daily basis without any hassles. With one month of dedicated logging in to a specific (or as many as you want) channel(s); you could build up a sizable book collection that will be the envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood. Alternatively, you could scan Packetnews.com for IRC ebook channels.  I’d most certainly recommend ebooksdrop homepage for the n00b, who wants to get around in IRC. The only problem is that IRC still remains a slightly non-friendly to non-tech-friendly souls. So, just hang in there for a while, before you start getting anything good.

Now, i am not an expert at this, and thats because i do not get/afford a shell account from my service provider, but A.B.E.B (Alt. Binaries.Ebook) group is the holy grail, if you ever need to proclaim yourself as the knight of the realm. To get a feel of the 90-100 TB of stuff that Usenet makes available to you, just visit this search link and see for yourself. The humungous content available at this site just pales away in front of the grand pappy of networks, called Usenet. Only the geekest of the geek (and the ones willing to spend upward of €10 per month) can enter this place. To  make a long quest short, you need a Usenet news client to get releases (NZB or otherwise) and untar/unrar/unzip  them and make a hefty dent in the storage capability of your hard drive. There are very few people who i know personally, who are comfortable working with either ABEB or ABB (Alt. Binaries. Books) and the small number represent the real release groups out there. The one’s who scan books which we so comfortably read and download and make available on our ridiculous storage places like rapidshare 😉

So, it goes, the whole circle of the ebook revolution. One thing is certain. Unless you dumb down the technology, there is no way it would prosper. So, while the whole trend of rapidshare catches on, even to the smallest of small users, the whole ebook industry stays in stasis. It’s only after ebooks would be as ubiquitous as the mp3’s or movies on your hard drive, that we can move on from paper to random electrons obeying our will.




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  1. Nice to see u around QE!!! Howz it going? Hmm.. I myself am on the look out for a few good ebooks… Books r so damn expensive these days 😦

  2. Priyanka said

    revelation sir for the innocent ones [:)]

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